Art, Race and Violence: A Collaborative Response
Recent Acquisitions: Friends of the Brooks Museum of Art Curated by Lester Merriweather, Crosstown Arts [Photo by Carl E. Moore]
People, Places and Scenes Series
Part of the Series was Created for the Crosstown Arts Exhibition
Art/Race/Violence: A Collaborative Response
Curator Talks, performances, and opening reception was
Sunday, Nov. 12, 217 in Crosstown
"Oh No", is a reactionary work that the catches the moment of the incident. That moment can be emotional, informational or confrontational. "Oh No" is reflective of the story you here later from family, friends or the media. It's the moment of shock.

"On Our Way Home" talks about community and how we live and work in that community.
"No More Fear", (Right)
"Child's Play", (Left) came from a shooting that happened in the mid 1980'a in a Memphis, TN trailer park. The police were called after someone reported seeing a black male with a gun in the trailer park. A white policeman arrived and confronted a little boy between the age of 10 and 12 playing with a toy gun. Reports said he thought the gun was real, so he shot and killed the boy. This bothered me for year because the police officer didn't care that it was a little boy. Unfortunately, this will continue to happen many more times, it's 2019.
Domestic Confrontation
Domestic Confrontation
Night Hawks
Night Hawks

Art, Race and Violence: A Collaborative Response Exhibition, West Crosstown Gallery 2017 - 2018

All paintings in this series are:
12 x 9 or 9 x 12 in format Acrylic on Canvas Panel
Paintings completed between 2017 - 18
Wood White Frame
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