Talk is a public conversation about communication. It's a way to find out information, exchange ideas with one another it order to create progress done in our the community. TALK can also be considered personal, something that should take place within the home, in our schools, a person to person social and intimate dialogue. The mural is about a man and a woman talking about a situation that could have multiple meanings, numerous outcomes and a eventual conclusion.
Talking and communication are essential for dealing with community and social issues. By talking to each other, we can share our experiences, learn from each other, and build relationships. This can help us to understand the issues that we face, and to develop solutions that work for everyone. Communication is also important for building trust and cooperation. When we communicate effectively, we are more likely to be able to work together to solve problems and make our communities better places to live.
Paint Memphis is an annual, one-day paint festival, which creates the largest collaborative mural in Tennessee. We bring art to the streets, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of socio-economic status, location, race, ethnicity, or ability. During our festival, volunteer artists show off their talents and connect with a community of local and regional painters. The event brings the community together, bridging the gap through art. Plus, we have vendors, food trucks, hands-on workshops, and live music to make this event fun for art lovers of all ages.
Located on East Carolina Ave. & South 2nd Street, Memphis, TN
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