Title: Ole School
Subtitle: "I'm Not A Thug but I will defend myself"

Canvas size, 16 x 20
Sketch: No. 2 Pencil on a Gesso primed canvas
Finished painting: Acrylic paint and silver reflective foil
(Partial View)

I started this Sketch by taking a photographs. I think that's the only way you can get what you want. You can spend hours looking through stock photographs and spend even more hours trying to create sketches from found images which sometimes work. But if you have a cell phone with a moderately good camera or SLR and someone to shoot a few images, you can pose for your own photos.
I try to get as much content as possible into the composition, once I start painting I can just focus on color and statement. I like to use a Number 2 pencil because it works, there is no special reason outside of the fact that it makes a very clean and defined mark. But almost any pencil will. I also like working with grids, there's something artistic and technical about it. It's one of those things that I think you must know how to draw to do.
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