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Wall size Canvas Project, DOD (Millington Naval Air Base) taken circa 1994, Millington, TN

I currently live and work in Memphis, TN as an artist and designer.


The work I’ve created over the last few years has dealt with identity and color. During this process my goal was too compare social ideologies about race, stereotypes, and belief systems to everyday colors and the perception of these colors in our environment. As part of my process, Black has always been a color of identity for Black people, Black American, African American, Negro etc. Just as White, for Caucasian or those of Anglo or European descent, Red as a color for Native Americans (Also deemed as inappropriate) and Brown for the Latino population. The color black has always had a negative representation for being compared to death, bad or poor quality and even race. I’ve taken the color black and placed it into the environment, and used it as part of the emotional conversation. The goal is to make the dialogue more about the artwork and the color of the characters, even though the characters are part of the narrative.


I use media based events as the primary theme of my work, by taking those situations and reducing them down to their most basic form, it allows me to create a narrative. I use color and content to redefine the conversation by developing a social connection between the characters and their environment. The color becomes an important part of that dialogue, and the content becomes part of the social statement.


I consider my work to be a form of visual communication using simplicity and depth to express social and ethical issues. My goal is to create a conversation between both the personal and public by using color and composition to express mood, situation and ideas. By placing people and objects in common and uncommon situations, it allows me to deal with specific subjects from various perspectives.

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The Reader, Acrylic on Canvas, 16 x 20